Impeachment? Really! Meh.

Purely politics for this one.

You should know, if you haven’t guessed, I am not a Trump supporter. Never was and never will be. He’s made man, and I don’t mean successful. I’ve worked for a Union. Capiche?

I have no idea how this country became so apathetic, so wholly uninterested in morality, justice and doing right by your fellow man/woman. Following the Constitution. You know, that ancient piece of paper – HANDWRITTEN BY OLD GUYS – that we reference when we are emphasizing our free speech rights, or our Right to have a Weapon of War – I mean firearm. Don’t tread on me!

There are two Articles for Impeaching Trump:

1. Abuse of Power

2. Obstruction of Congress

Noting having to do with the “witch hunt” that Trump whines about continuously. Nothing having to do with Mueller, the FBI, or Russian Collusion. Just Trump and his mouth. And multiple experts who were questioned UNDER OATH and were seasoned professionals of the State Department. I won’t bore you with that. They were on TV for hours! But, you may have missed Rudy. He was on Fox last night and his gums were flapping. Again. At least it wasn’t Noun-Verb-9/11.

Why wasn’t he on the Hill fighting for the NYPD and NYFD survivors, instead of Jon Stewart? Hmm? Who really cares. Barely Congress and not the White House.

So Rudy went to Ukraine and tried to get dirt on a Biden so the 2020 elections will have a constant narrative, sorta like 2016. No help from Russia, but Ukraine has their own Russian problems, like Crimea and access to their lands. But I digress. Rudy was bitching about some State Department Chick or Ambassador or something and that she had to go because “we” couldn’t get Ukraine to launch that investigation etc. Um, wasn’t that what the House was investigating over that whistleblower? That person that Trump called a traitor and wanted exposed. (So his “people” could take care of that problem – ’cause that’s what a made man and does in “his business” – I’m not from New York, but I wasn’t born in the lap of luxury either.) He claimed Executive Privilege and NO White House People were Made Available. Not ever Trump.

There you have Article 1 and 2 in a quick synapsis. Rudy is his “personal” attorney, not a government employee in any capacity, or in other words he is not getting a Government Paycheck for jet setting on behalf of Trump. Or is he? He is representing the United States to a foreign country as what? Trump’s dog? Go fetch a scandal, Rudy? Good boy! Here’s a cookie, or a chicken leg. Between Trump and Rudy,  the House just wanted to verify what people in the room witnessed. Rudy just added ingredients to the mix while the House was busy baking their own cake.

In Rudy’s own words, “we’re guilty and we’re gonna win” because the people of the US don’t care what Trump does unless they’re Democrats and we don’t care about them. Our Republican Brothers will save the day! Just listen to Comrade McConnell or Herr Gaetz. De vil not vote for Impeachment on our Man! Heil Drumf!!

And I ask because I am a neophyte, and a Democrat more than likely, is ignoring the Constitution, your oath to protect it and our Nation, to remember we are still trying to maintain the small d democracy, and be a Superpower that other Nations look up to and want to emulate. That shining city on the hill and all that. Or is the Republican party just trying treason on to see if that coat fits and how much they can accomplish destroying all the classes of people they can’t stand, or even tolerate when running? Like making the good ol’ USA as white as Norway? I’m using a Trump quote for context. He loves the Norwegian People. As a Scandanavian, I can speak to the whiteness of Norwegians. It is a white Country, especially in Winter and with their food. If White means bland, and that only under certain conditions, like my adopted mother’s cooking skills.When it was edible. Other than winter, it is a rocky, green and coastal country with wonderful people from many lands originally who have come to this Land of high peaks and bottomless fjords to live, work and play with generous work/life ideals, school programs adapted to the student through college for legal residents, government medical that covers their residents for little to no costs from cradle to grave (including in-home care the Baby Boomers here taking care of their parents with Alzheimer’s), maternity leave for 1 year AFTER the child is born, and Government assistance to help the parents the first year, so forth and so on. At least that’s how it was when I lived there in 1985. And they would send my Aunt to Greece every winter because she had rheumatoid arthritis. They sent her to a warm Country for a month! What a concept. It’s changed from what I hear. They’re not teaching Bible Study in every school anymore. Something about religious freedom or inclusion or something.

What it comes down to – Trump asked the Ukrainians to investigate Hunter Biden and find something they could pin on him to embarrass his Dad and screw up his run for the Presidency, making Trump’s run a Red Carpet event in November 2020. Pocahontas won’t run….she’s a woman. Hillary tried and look what happened. Bootigig……he’s gay. We’re God-fearing folk and his base won’t vote for a fairy. Kamala…..she’s dropped out, thank God. She could have been an issue, but no more. Corey…..Obama 2.0 he’s not. He doesn’t even eat meat! What kind of freak is he? Bernie. Old. He already punched the clock, so how much longer does he really have? Two rich guys, and we’re pretty much done with that type. One owns publishing and one guy used to own oil stuff, but what have they done otherwise? I’m homeless. I would pay attention if they had done anything that was important to my life NOW. I emailed both campaigns. I get emails back thanking me for the support and can I donate money.  Great assumption on your auto-response’s part, but I am not “backing” either nor will I donate money. In fact, I don’t give a rat’s posterior if you are running. Both of you look like Trump now, just no known grifting or philanthropy shenanigans.

Republicans, stand by the oath of YOUR office and the post you accepted as part of running for the Senate of the United States of America – not the United Soviet Socialist Republic, even though Putin’s trying to bring that back. Why help him. Again.

A Little of This….

and a little of that. Today’s mood. Mixed but hopeful.

I made a foolish promise on my Facebook page that I would add something every day.


I can barely manage feeding myself everyday. And my primary issue is the big and lovable bear who is officially my chauffeur. He came up with it, not me. He’s driving Miss Gracie and it gives him a chuckle. It makes him happy, but I have no control over my car. All or nothing seems to be the name of the game.

I really don’t mind. I went 5 years with being the primary driver. It being someone else’s responsibility eases my anxiety level. Besides, he’s not drinking anymore. For the most part. He needs AA and not just me or the doctors. He needs someone ELSE to talk to. His body, organs, have been punished too much, especially his kidneys and liver and pancreas. His diabetes has rocketed upwards and the food we eat through the Open Heart (Tri-Valley Soup Kitchen) isn’t diabetes friendly, or any place else serving food.

This morning, at Vineyard, they had croissants with egg and cheese, spaghetti and another pasta dish that supposedly had meat. I got no meat, the croissant was tasty and the pasta was gross. My “palate” wants low carb food for my health, but it receives little of that. Plenty of sugars though. So much Goddamn sugar/carbs.

This is a very difficult life to live, after residing in a house, cooking your own nutritious meals, having a bathroom available when nature calls. This type of life is dehumanizing.

I need to speak with my friend Sue and ask her if I can share her story. She is a beautiful woman and has been through so much  heartache and physical pain all while being homeless. It’s tragic and disgusting in this nation where we find endless money to make sure we can kill the World 10 times over, there are more guns than people in the US (and too many individuals die at the hands of Domestic Terrorists – not foreign terrorists Trumplandians), Russia and North Korea ARE security risks for this Country – NOT UKRAINE (stop listening to that Traitor and his sycophants including  Moscow Mitch or Dingbat David). The news out of Washington is frustrating the little I can gather from my phone and podcasts.  Why I miss TV and Will doesn’t. I watch “boring” stuff, otherwise none as educational and topical. But, it’s not the Cardashian’s! To bad, gay-boy! Hehe.

Have to close down. Have an appointment with my therapist Pam.

Why Voting is so Very Important

Stay home – unpatriotic. You’re a citizen and it’s your right and if you don’t exercise that right, why stay here and bitch? Leave.

Our way if life is being destroyed. Yes. DESTROYED by a bigot and his sycophant REPUBLICANS. They don’t want us to have healthcare, Social Security, any “safety-net” we might need that other “good paying Americans” chip in for.

Here’s a news flash. FICA is the Federal Insurance Contribution Act and it was passed by the Roosevelt Administration in 1935. It is part of the unified budget for the United States, and Johnson was the first to “borrow” from it to pay for the Vietnam War.

What have the Republicans done for us other than raise the National Debt, approve tariffs, befriend hostile regime’s, attempt to/practice war crimes by shooting a rock throwing protestors, support Fascists, White Supremacy and Nazism? Nothing, except pat themselves on the back and give their rich donors a tax break they didn’t need while telling us the middle class would benefit. Middle class? That nearly non-existent group that is being chocked to death? The Republicans want it gone, along with all non-white groups. Look at how they gerrymandered all those Congressional Districts nationwide?

And their leader, the King of Lies, is out there calling our Fourth Estate, our source of information and NEWS fake, lying, dishonest, etc., etc. Projecting much, Donnie? Don’t like bad press? You create it. Live with it, you orange smear.

Voting is so important, even though it’s Midterms. Every candidate, every measure, every proposition impacts our lives and by not voting you’re telling our Country you don’t care. If you bitch, the automatic comment should be “did you vote”? And when you say no, well you got what you asked for. Quit UR bitchin’




Why We Need to Vote in Every Election

Your vote counts every time. That’s what my father taught me even before he became an official citizen.

Dad served in WWII for the Allies and was granted permanent residence here in the U.S. for that service. He was processed through Ellis Island. He worked Merchant Marines for years and finally took the “green card” benefit and brought his wife her in 1963. They bought a home in Long Beach, California, and in September 1963 adopted me. And they gave me a sadistic first name which is beautiful in their Native Norway, but not so great here. I started using the phonetic spelling which has worked just fine for 30 years. Venka is my name. They didn’t approve, but now their dead, so I’m technically free from criticism.

Except for those narrow minded bigots who tell me to “go home”. I am home. You leave, you racist fuck.

Dad took the Citizen protocol and was granted Citizenship in 1976. He was very proud. So was I. Dad and I were the same, as far as paper work was concerned. My narcisstic sociopathic mother remained a Resident Alien for the rest of her life. That was a problem for me, especially at the end of her life when she developed dementia. The trifecta of evil as far as she was concerned.

I’ve been a good citizen. Paid my taxes. Voted in each election. Held good jobs with a good income. It does nothing for me now that I have neurological brain damage caused by a Lucanar Stroke and can’t even do 3rd Grade Math. Foreign Exchange was one of my specialties. Numbers cause confusion and I transpose them. Forget about adding without a calculator.

That’s a small problem, if you neglect to add in the issue of lack of medical care.

I have Medi-Cal, a state funded program often referred to as MediCaid. I received my insurance through the Obama-care expansion. Yeah, the one the Republicans are trying to get rid of.

Those same Republicans are now going after Social Security and Medicare because those are “Entitlements”. Are they really? FICA was taken out of every check for 35 years. Medicare has been deducted as well – by the Government. So is your pay, Mitch McConnell.

FICA stands for Federal Insurance Contribution Act and it’s the first thing you Republicans go after when you’ve blown through the budget AGAIN and are looking at a deficit. FICA is Social Security and you think us dumb sheep don’t know that? Wrong. You’re stealing from us again and it’s not an Entitlement if we have to PAY FOR IT.

Dad and I went and voted together when I turned 18 and every election thereafter until I moved to Northern California, but we talked about Propositions and Candidates and Measures. He was always very interested and read up on each person or item. He approached voting as if it changed his life, and it did. Each candidate, measure and proposal had an impact on his life. Just as it does to me now.

Did I vote for Trump. No. Neither did 3 million people, but he is still President, and look how our country is? Divisive and uncaring and more racially charged than we’ve seen in 50 years. And if Muellar completes a shopping list of indictments (he has) against a lot of people who worked for Trump, but Trump’s direct involvement to the stupidity of the populace to be taken in by a con man, a shyster, a fake and a fraud who just wants to make a big name for himself while he gets richer – oh well. We screwed up? We should have done better?

The system is so broken and we have proof staring at us everyday. All the old white male senators. How many are in their 40’s? How many aren’t rich from being a Senator and voting on issues that make them rich? How many are farmers that don’t have millions of acres and get agricultural aid? How many don’t have stocks in companies they don’t support personally when blocking Big Pharma?

I give you a list of The Rich to nearly debters. Darrell Issa Rep. of the San Diego area is wealthiest. Figures. He’s in that Republican Bastion of Southern California.

Facts matter. Granted, not last weeks paycheck, but still.

Congress should be term limited, as should the Supreme Court. Serving until you die in the chair is ridiculous and pety. I love RBG, don’t die on me, but she deserves to be around family and grandchildren, not watching Kavanaugh having teenage agnst and failing to act like a Supreme Court Justice.

The gender ratio is 50/50, yet is our political representation 50/50? We are 63% white, 16% latino and 12% black. Who represents us?

Take a look at the makeup of our politicians. How many claim some ethnic background to justify his right to run? What about Pocahontas? Or should I say Sen. Elisabeth Warren who the President ridicules in front of Navajo Code Talkers because she’s white. She does have ancestry, but it ain’t enough for some, so she shouldn’t talk about it?

My adoptive parents were immigrants that Trump likes. Norwegian People. White. Not from a shithole country. Dad wouldn’t have voted for him. Dad would have seen the Hollywood Star for what he was – in it for him and his pockets. Mom, had she been a citizen and could vote, would have voted for him because they shared the same thinking and beliefs. He would have been wonderful after that Obama who almost ruined us.

Mom and Dad never discussed politics. That was a conversation between he and I. He said to me once, when I asked, why me and not Mom? “You’re intelligent, consider the pro’s and con’s, and make a decision on what will improve your life. Mom doesn’t. Looks and money are the important issues.”

They didn’t discuss weighty matters much. It bottered Mom and she would get upset and have a tantrum and fail in the bedroom until Dad (or I) said sorry. We’d stop talking now. Happy? Back to Jeopardy or Wheel.of Fortune?

God the melodrama with that woman. And the grey matter committing sepuka.

We have to Vote. Each and every one us.

Too much depends on it.

What We Are Not

Taking a break from the self-pity campaign and turning my ire towards the Nation. More specifically – what we are not.

We are not a Chritian Nation: We have a preacher’s daughter as a Presidential Press Secretary (close enough) who publicly accepts and promotes a lying President who has not a scrap of compassion, empathy or civility in his skin sack. A President in his former “life” cheated on all three of his wives, divorced two, would date his own daughter if she wasn’t his (Ivanka not Tiffany), rips breast-feeding babies from their mothers and charges those mothers with a felony, bullies people who don’t like him, makes fun of disabled people, and constantly promotes his lies as being the only truth, when published reports and history contradict him.  How many sins does he commit on a daily basis? Not even going to touch on his misogyny or racism, because it is so obvious if you’re not a sycophant. Exactly how much of Jesus’ teachings is he against or blatantly ignoring? What does the GOP stand for now? Government Obstruction Period? Gonna Obliterate/Ostracize Poorness? Good Ol’ Pricks (sorry ladies)?

We are not the Land of the Free or home of the Brave: Ask any person who served in the military, if taking a knee is rude or dismissive during the singing of the National Anthem? But any who do at a FOOOTBALL GAME are disrespectful? They’re SOB’s and should be FIRED? How Draft  Delayer Bone-Spurs? I can’t serve, my tootsies hurt whaaaa. I’ve got bone spurs, lardass, and I would have served if my Nation needed me, Mr. TV Ratings Douchebag. I never watched you because you suck. Is that un-American now? You make shit up as you go along and we accept it as manna from Heaven? Pleath! You’re looking more like a fascist dictator Donnie. Where’s your military getup? Maybe you could have an all girl Secret Service, kinda like Muammar Gaddafi? But, as long as we all love you, like North Koreans love their Dear Leader, we’ll be fine. For the next 10 minutes until you’re distracted by the next shiny object.

We are not a Law and Order Country: How many minorities are shot down by police with their “hands up”?  How many are beaten when in police custody? How many are in jail with bails they can’t afford to pay? How many are imprisoned for years on minor drug charges?  Or false charges? How many go free because of their position, friends, contacts or wealth?  How many children have lost their lives? How many haven’t seen justice over untested Rape Kits? Didn’t supply enough evidence? Didn’t come forward in a timely fashion? Didn’t speak up because they were scared of a powerful man? Or simply because they weren’t the right color? We allow hate groups to rally due to the 1st Amendment and we allow people to die for it too, but do we seek justice for crimes and deeds done by White Supremacists? Neo-Nazi’s? White people who hate non-White’s? The President thinks he’s walking a narrow, thin line between the factions, but he isn’t. That “both sides have good people” bullshit says plenty about him, but does he speak for the nation? Why should he? He didn’t “win” the presidency on his own.

Lady Liberty needs an *:

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Yeah, it needs an asterisk.

*Except: Those from sh*t hole countries; crossed our borders illegally; Muslim, or considered Muslim; poor; will be poor; uneducated; don’t speak English; from a war-torn country; are people WE don’t like.

You may think I wrong, but I am often assumed to be foreign because of my first name. Nothing else but a first name if they see it. I’m bi-lingual but I don’t speak Spanish. Huh? How could I be bilingual then? It means speaking two languages, not English and Spanish exclusively. I speak English and Norwegian – English because I was born here and Norwegian because my adopted parents were born over there. But I speak English really good. Fancy that, I speak English proficiently and I went through the public school system.  And I read, wish some of those folks did.

I was pulled over one time in Los Angeles, the city I was born in. My truck matched a descriptor of someone that had robed a liquor store. Someone wearing a baseball cap and a sweatshirt. I was wearing that, except my blonde pony tail was through the hole in the back and I was wearing a jacket. Reds lights were flashing in my rear view mirror, so I pulled over. I was heading towards the freeway on-ramp after leaving a friend’s house, but I did something. Police officers with guns drawn came around my little Mitsubishi pickup and I just kept my hands on the wheel. An officer yelled I should get out with my hands up and get down on the ground. “What did I do, officer?” I yelled back. Some conversation between officers for a moment, and he repeated his statement again and added a “NOW”. I complied, exited the truck, but did not lay down in the muck, because it was raining.  I heard the other officer say, “It’s a girl, Steve. Doesn’t match the APB.” The yelling cop, in a perfect snit, wanted my driver’s license, so I reached back into the truck and got my wallet from my purse, slowly, since his gun was still pointed at me. This happened a few years ago, I wouldn’t risk it now. I removed my license and he finally lowered his gun and took it. After reading it over, he asked for my Green Card. “I don’t have one”. He looked at me with disgust, “Why? You illegal?” Never having been asked that question – ever – I said, “Why would you think that? I was born here, within 25 miles on this exact location, do I have to show proof?” His partner had come over, gun in it’s holster, and tried talking to “Steve”, but Steve didn’t want to hear it. “You should have your passport or birth certificate on you, if you’re legal. How are we supposed to know? Not with that name!” His partner apologized and grabbed his arm and coaxed him back to the squad car. Another officer made apologies and explained what had happened. I was free to leave.

And I did and went to the local police station, Rampart Division, and filed a complaint against that officer. I was young and thin and cute and didn’t look anything like the male Hispanic in his 30’s. Hell, I wasn’t even 30 then. But that’s the memory I have of LAPD. Thank God I wasn’t black. Just a white privileged 20-something.  I’m so sick of that phrase, but I see those who are everyday, along with the Blacks, Asians and Latins who think they are better than me. Why are they better? Because they are not me and my “color”. I hate racism. It’s evil and ugly and solves nothing.

And we are devolving as humans. How is the current discourse continuing our evolution? We bicker and have wars of words on Twitter, Facebook, our social media du jour. And our President stands as an example with his Twitter following. His words that devisive, factually incoherent, and so many lies. Trumplandia. We should get used to that. That will be our new name if he has anything to do with it. Trump in huge golden letters on the White House. Just another Trump Tower. Pity there is no model match in Russia. Don Jr. couldn’t get it together and he’s been trying for years? Or was that Donnie? Or some other flunkie, such as Manafort. 17 indictments Don, but Russian Collusion is fake news. I’m nostalgic for Nixon. He was so believable when he said,”I’m not a crook!”

If wishes were fishes, we could all walk on water

You know, I want to write a happy post. A positive one. I just don’t have it in me.

I am typically positive, at least uplifting in a cynical way. “It’s not so bad – it could always be worse!” Yeah, THAT came back and bit me in the butt.

I have so many thoughts running through my head. Too many and too fast to try to type, never to be spoken as I am now.  At least I can see typo’s because I type so slow. Most of the time. That brain thing is so fucked up. My speech pathologist mentioned Friday that how I built my knowledge base may make it more difficult for me to use generic rehabilitation tools. For instance, I usually type the word any as “amy”. I don’t see it until the 3rd or 4th time I reread what I’ve written. But pathology or neurology is ok, because I have to think about the keys to type. I see immediately that I missed a key. My lexicon. The Spelling Bee Champ still handles the more complicated words, but easy throw-away words, they are hard. I couldn’t remember definite the other day and it still haunts me. That is why me reading slowed and non-fiction appeals to me now. Non-fiction teaches and I am desperate for education.

I can read fiction much faster I found, but I don’t remember what I have read. Fractions and snippets, but a non-fiction? I know thoughts, cadence, obscure points, a jaunty retort. I remember and speak of them. With fiction? It’s s good book. I like that author. And that’s the thing. I remember the previous stories by that author. I remember the story arc and the connections. A reason why I have reread only 2 books ever. Your perception changes as you grow older. There are many books I want to reread now that I’ve had a stroke. War & Peace is one of them. Call of the Wild, The Stand (number 3 if that happens), even Lord of the Rings. The Classics, Shakespeare Wordsworth, Longfellow, Byron, Dickens, even the drivel of the Bronte sisters when not zombified.  Hey,  read both versions. I have read so much. I miss summer breaks. I put that time to good use. I expanded my brain. Thank goodness I did. The stroke was devastating, but at least I used more than average, so I had more to work with that had already been trained. That became more important than I would have initially thought. My brainiac persona paid off in the most basic sense.

I still have resources, but I can’t access much of it as it pertains to work. My memories are still there, but how I accomplished all that I have to relearn. How I did that is missing. Not lost, but I can’t reach it yet, if ever. I don’t know. and I don’t have a doctor to advise me. I have a new neurologist, but she has to meet me, diagnose and make decisions based on my baseline. That will take months. Months I lost due to incompetent previous doctors who never referred me to a brain doctor for a brain injury

I have filed complaints with the medical board and they will research my care records and see what I lacked, what the Stroke Foundation recommends for recovery and rehabilitation for stroke survivors. Please visit and educate yourself so when someone, or you, have one you are somewhat prepared. Please improve your life and never stop learning. It will help you when you least expect it. Stroke is the 5th leading cause of death. 20% of those who suffer a stroke die.

Yippee. I didn’t die. It will happen, and it may be quickly and by my own will, because I will have no other recourse.

I managed a positive thought! That is part of my being and something that just comes naturally. Thank God, I haven’t lost that. I hope I never do. I consider it one of my best qualities, part of my morality. Along with seeing all humans as equal and the same, regardless of heritage or language of status in life. We are all the same. Pity it isn’t a shared thought by the majority of individuals, especially the man who holds the highest office in our land. And it is an “Office”, not a dictatorship. He does not own it and it isn’t something you make money from, even if you also own golden towers or acres of manicured lawns that you whack a little white round ball on for enjoyment or pleasure. I heard  those places have a hefty membership fee.

On the 6th we will have an anniversary of sorts. It will be the 50th Anniversary of Robert Kennedy’s assignation.  I was alive, but only 3 years old. Well, almost 3; 14 days shy. I remember my Mom crying in front of the TV. I remember her sadness and I didn’t know why. It was a rare show of humanity on her part. It was another great loss for our Country. He would have accomplished great things.  But he was stopped. We need to remember those we have lost. The good ones, and the bad so we don’t repeat those mistakes. We learn from history. We are doomed to repeat it if we don’t. You want another Hitler? The rise of hatred, White Power, Fascism will bring another wave of hate that will destroy our world and do we want millions die? For what? To Make America Great Again? How did we become Not Great? Because we had a Black President of 8 years? The current President is unilaterally dismantling everything that the previous President fostered in a belief that he was improving our nation. Obama tried, but too many saw his changes as detrimental to the Nation’s status quo. It was progress. But that “root” must be extinguished due to “progressives”  being ungodly heathens. Tell me, what have Republicans done to improve poverty. making medical care affordable for all, making medications affordable and accessible to children, seniors or disabled, fighting for women’s rights over their own bodies or safety or against harassment without fear of dismissal, defamation or outrage for actually speak truth. Let’s elect a twice-divorced misogynist as President who uses “locker-room” talk and vulgar comments when referring to women he doesn’t like, can’t have or isn’t attracted to.  Or has an affair while his 3rd wife is pregnant with his youngest legitimate child. Men are no different, because that pathetic grade school bully attacks them to.

Can you tell I am not impressed or supportive of our President. Oops, sorry. If I loose readership – bye bye! I’m not being vulgar, or like him. It’s still a free country and we still have the 1st Amendment, and He doesn’t like that. Sad. Did I just hear a bowl clearing splash? Someone just dropped a load.

My cynicism flag is waving proudly…and loudly. Oh, and I’m a proud defender of LGQBT, even before my Brother-in-Law died from AIDs. I have believed in equality since I was a kid. Equality for all regardless of color, religion, political belief or opinion. I like battling wits with the morally insufficient, or “challenged”. My first bumper sticker read “I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person”. It fit. I wish I still had it.

Now you know more about me. Should I die? I’m waging my war against time and my survival. There is so much to write. One tiny soapbox in a large noisy world. This little soapbox doesn’t want to be silenced.

As a remnder










Monday Morning Quarterbacking

It’s Monday. Historically Moaning Monday because that’s what I did when heading to work to tackle all those things left over from Friday. Or Saturday. Or whatever deadline I missed because there was too much to get done, even after 14 hour days and working Saturday. A workaholics life. Living the dream! Yeah, not so much unless you count nightmares as dreams.

I miss that. I thrived in that environment. Have to do one thing at a time without distraction now. It’s opposite world and it SUCKS!

I have a lot on my mind lately, so I’ve been out of sorts and scatter-brained. Being scatter-brained takes getting used to. I never experienced that before the stroke. New life with an old mindset. It’s still trying to be as it was before, but that’s harder now since some bits are missing. It’s creating new neurons, new connections, new pathways. Construction is noisy and causes its own distractions. I can’t win, I just have to accept. Bleh! Did I mention this sucks? I’m more inclined to using an “f” word, but I don’t this to become to “blue”. I love George Carlin, but I have to consider my audience. And I have a niece and she doesn’t need to see Auntie cussing like a sailor.

But, when one topic raises its ugly head, I would probably make a longshoreman blush. What the frack did we get in the White House? Drain the swamp? It’s a toxic bog now. God, he pisses me off. Pussy grabbing freak. His poor wife. What she puts p with! The embarrassment. The regret. The lack of respect for her. His lack of respect for humanity.  Gah! He is the Worst President Ever!

Immigrants, Mexican’s, all brown people are part of MS13, rapists and murders. Dude, MS13 is a gang HERE. It was created HERE. That’s like saying all black people are part of the Blood’s or Crip’s. Dunce. Someone from Jamaica isn’t part of a gang because they are from Jamaica. If your brain won’t explode from the stress, READ A BOOK. Christ. You’re promoting stupidity.   You’re King of that group. That village of idiots.

He makes me so mad! Fake media, fake news, lies pouring from his ugly face every time there’s a microphone in range. His minions are the same. They just parrot his crap. Make America Great Again? Was it so bad when a black man was in charge? The GOP screwed it up, but that’s what they do. GOP cut taxes? Never. GOP cut back spending? That is laughable. ROFLMAO! Make the rich richer, starve the poor to death. They can’t manage anyway, so get rid of them. Old and poor? You’ve lived and didn’t make enough, so hurry up and die. If you are disabled, your family better take care of you, cause America needs her guns and ammo and tanks and a perpetual war machine to scar the carp out of anyone. Ho-yah MF!

We spread destruction and death and we have those who promote it gleefully. Strange, they are GOP too. Like one dude who seriously needs a barber. Walrus much?

Palestinians. Not to detract from what the Jews suffered,  but aren’t they doing that to the Palestinians?

A brief history lesson – I know this because I READ. WPOTUS doesn’t. I doubt he’s read the Bible. He just misquotes it enough. I have read the Bible, both testaments, and the Koran. Jews and Muslims don’t believe Jesus is the son of God, but Jews, Muslims and Christians ALL believe in Moses and Abraham. The Koran even sites Miracles Jesus performed as a Holy Prophet. It’s a mess for these monotheistic religions. They war on because each one is individually right in their minds. We are all human, and we all use GOD, we just use different words to express His name.

Palestine should be its own State. It had a right to exist as much as Israel. Jerusalem is a holy city as much as the Vatican. The Holy Mount is holy for Muslims and Jews and should be shared between the three, not dedicated to just one. Jews have excluded Christians and Muslims in stating Jerusalem is their exclusive seat of government. Tel Aviv was appropriate. Leave Jerusalem out of it. Settlements in the Palestinian territories in just wrong. Killing Palestinians, Men, Women and Children at the gates that shut them in is heinous. There will be no peace while they continue to do this. They want safety? What about those who are bombed because they are Muslim? The majority wasn’t always Muslim. They were mostly Christian, until the younger generations realized as Christians they were isolated and alone. I know this from first hand accounts and history from Lebanese, Jordanians, Syrians, Saudi’s, Iranian’s, even Iraqi’s.   I knew a woman who still had her Palestinian passport, title for her home and lands, proof of her life that the Jews, and Americans/British/French took to make Israel. The harrowing days when the soldiers came and told her family to get out because a Jewish family would get her property. She was Christian. Her husband dead, killed in the conflict, her children safe because asylum had  been secured by a dear friend. Asylum in the United States. What the US took away, she got a portion back. A safe home for her and her kids, not the groves of olive trees or the vast horizon. Safety drenched in sadness.

How many are still like her? Can’t feed their kids, can’t work, can’t feel safe, can;t expect a happy life for their children? We have done it again and “we” blame the Palestinians for being difficult. For wanting their own country again. A two-state solution. Israel and the United States have thrown that out with last weeks trash haul. Bebe and BLOTUS killed that notion with a silver bullet. Shame on them. Is it worth it boys? Opening an embassy in Jerusalem the prize? You disgust me.

That school shooting, again, in Texas…who is that different than the Palestinian’s who lost their lives by Israeli bullets? Israeli’s were pissed at the pressing crowds, a 17-year old was pissed at teachers and classmates because he had been bullied and misunderstood. Good guy with a gun will silence the bad gun with a gun? That nonsense again. One faction saw innocent people as wrong and deserved death. Got your guns? Shoot the problem. That solves everything to one faction on society.

And the last bit from this lying WPOTUS. You can’t slap huge Golden letters on the side of the White House, not call Mir-a-lago the Southern White House. You’re a Real Estate Developer, and have many failed projects and bankruptcies. You have used your name and notoriety to make it work in the past. The Art of the Deal (read it, meh) is a grand scheme, kinda like a Ponzi Scheme. You’re a grifter, a con-man, a mob boss. A scam. Your university shut down in ruin. Had to pay a pretty penny to avoid jail time, didn’t you. Russia is a witch hunt? How many indictments? How many have pleaded guilty? How many are cooperating before going to trail? Messy witch hunt, if you ask me. Putin’s puppet that’s what you are. That rubber/glue argument? Well, you’re very sticky glue and Hillary is rubber. You keep throwing stuff and it just mads on you. You are tar and feathering yourself you old peacock. Ratings are high because we love a train wreck.

Enough bitching for today. Let me end on a high note…..John McCain is an American Hero. He has served our country well in War and Peace and has held himself proudly. Thank you, Sir, for your service to our country and your constituency. I almost voted for you, and would have if you’d run against the prick in office. It was an almost in 2008. But Sarah? Nope. Couldn’t do it.  Part-Time Palin was a mistake. I still admire you, Sir. You’re human and we all make mistakes in judgement. My Dad proved that a lot.

One last thing, President Bone Spurs, you are a disgrace to those serving and every man and woman who has ever worn the uniform of any United States Military Service. John McCain served with honor, gave up his physicality for the US, served it’s people as a Senator. You don’t like prisoners of war? What else don’t you like? Desecrated ranks? Darkies serving our nation? You are a disgusting human. What else you got to diss Veteran’s? Shut the fuck up you piece of shit. You couldn’t shine McCain’s shoes  if you begged. “He’s going to die anyway”, is a flippant remark allowed in your White House? You are a loser President Bone Spurs, aka BLOTUS, aka WPOTUS ever. Impeachment wouldn’t be enough for what you have done or overseen.  Handcuffs and a one-way ticket to Alcatraz is what you deserve. Hell, if you want to re-establish Guantanamo, why not Alcatraz?  Your fat butt couldn’t swim the Bay anyway. You’d be a tasty meal for a few Great Whites. They like whales.

Sundry thoughts on a Sunday

First, just to get it the point of the way, that dude Blakenship that’s running for office in West Virginia? Former CEO of Massey Energy and a coal baron found guilty of conspiracy to willfully violate safety standards resulting in the death of 29 coal miners.  Since the jury was deadlocked on the possibility of the full charge which carried a 31-year term, he was found guilty of the misdemeanor which carried a 1-year mandatory term.  Ah, the Big Boss didn’t get the book thrown at him. Pity. He thinks he can run for the US Senate?  Calling Senator McConnell’s in-laws “China Family”? He used Black Persons too. He is an American Person. Self proclaimed. His word usage leaves much to be desired. His general humanity leaves much to be desired. He is the epitome of someone who should be considered deplorable.

Political statement of the day done. My thoughts still go wild, but I can state a case concisely once more. Yay for me. Oh wait…Trump hasn’t Tweeted today. What’s wrong with him? Trump is never quiet for this long. Ok, I’m done. For now,

I have been going through a hard time: physically, mentally and financially. It has pretty much sucked, since I have been doing it relatively alone. Relatively due to the few folks who have stuck with me, but none are family, just long time friends.

I am actually alone. I am divorced, after 20 years of sharing my life with someone who could never get out of his own way to listen to anyone, especially me. My adopted parents have passed, one to soon and the other not soon enough. I took care of the later for years, but full time for the last 3 years during the worst of Alzheimer’s Dementia her family denied and offered no help. More of that latter. Let’s just say I have been alone for awhile. Except for extraordinary friends who kept me going mentally and emotionally.

I haven’t lived on my own, in my own place, since 1991. A very long time. I now have the chance, the opportunity, to live on my own again. To restore a sense of normalcy to a very un-normal life. But, there is a chance.

I am publicizing my campaign through This is one avenue I am trying to use, even though my home didn’t burn down. I am not a battered woman. Just a woman battered by life and simply beaten down.

Thank you for considering donating. I appreciate all assistance in restoring me to normalcy.