Medical Minutiae Monday

Hey. It’s a title. And a focused target for writing.

I could start a Head to Toe description of issues, and I will highlight the most difficult that I have to deal with – physically,mentally and emotionally – on a minute-by-minute basis.

Brain – TBI and stroke (Vascular Lacunar Infarcts). Cognitive and emotional difficulties, most needing further diagnosis or treatment. Speech and cognitive therapy to recommence Spring 2020, but only until I run out through Medicare. I’ll have to wait for 2021 for any more. Severe anxiety and taking a few meds for it.

Eyes – Vision is crap. Contact lenses too old, glasses older, and all in bad shape. Unable to get new prescription due to retinopathy, as I need a surgical procedure to stop the aneurysms and wait 3-6 months for vision to stabilize. I am legally blind when not wearing glasses and have been since I first was prescribed at 11. Corneas too steep and I have astigmatism.

Throat – Have issues swallowing due to the stroke. Have to turn my head to the right to strengthen my throat muscles to swallow normally. Coughing is still an issue. Even clearing my throat.

Thyroid – It’s naturally “big”. Had an ultrasound. I think there is an issue, because if it tests “Normal” and it’s 20% larger than anyone else’s, wouldn’t that “normal” be “low” for me? Need to speak with a specialist.

Stomach – Pernicious Anemia so I don’t absorb B12 through my stomach. Have to inject cyanocobalamin weekly. I developed 2 ulcers, which can happen. At high risk for stomach cancer. What else don’t I absorb? Take paroxetine daily.

Kidneys/Liver/Pancreas – Diabetes, weekly injection of Januvia, take Jardiance and Janumet daily. And atorvastatin and lisinopril.

Back – Well, shoulders, neck and spinal column due to several car accidents where I sustained whiplash. Did almost everything to both shoulders except dislocate them – which would have been better. Permanent nerve and tendon damage. And oh the scar tissue! 32nd anniversary coming up in March.

Hands/Wrists – Carpal Tunnel. ‘Nuff said.

Bladder/Bowels – the guaranteed side effect of a Vascular Lacunar Stroke is incontinence, aka overactive bladder (and underactive pooper). I now have a pill so I know ahead of time, but I don’t always make it to the bathroom. A long walk from the car into the grocery store may require fresh bottoms.

Left Knee – Wonky since 6th grade. “She’s young! The ACL will repair itself!” Says the nitwit at Kaiser. No they don’t and age doesn’t matter. It’s worse now as my left side was impacted by the stroke. I have fallen. Especially when leaning up against the car to pee at 2 am in Walmart’s parking lot.

Ankles – Sprained dozens of times and they have both been fractured twice. Use special inserts – when I have them, which I don’t right now. Will develop ankle fractures from the bones stretching – and that hurts like hell. I have “boots” for when I do this. It’s happened too, since first diagnosed in 2000 and wore a boot with my wedding dress. So chic! And my shoes suck, are old and thoroughly worn,but new shoes would be $120, the free ones at the church have made the supination worse and I need slip on shoes for when I need to change bottoms or just a diaper.

Legs/Feet – I have issues with electrical shocks in both legs and severe muscle cramping in my toes and feet since the stroke. Take Neurontin.

I take more medication than listed for various things, and this list isn’t complete because there is too much, diagnosed, identified or still identifying. And what I didn’t list is the fact the brain goes to chaos mode more often. Worries about money, worries about the car, worries about Will, worries about sleeping in the car, worries about the storage units, worries about the cold, worries about Andy’s food/sweaters/walkies/baths, worries about laundry and doing/storing/accessing it, worries about having enough gas, worries about getting a balanced diet and giving up on that, worries about having something to drink when taking my pills (and it not being laced with Vodka), worries over the noise coming from the rear wheel well, worries about the seat backs and their failure……worry,worry, nothing but worry.

Help alleviate some of it please?