I’m starting this as a 50-something stroke survivor with speech impairment, but my mind isn’t when typing. I have MY VOICE when I type. I sound challenged when speaking and that’s from the traumatic brain injury I now have.  That’s what happens whem you have a Vascular Lacunar Stroke at 51 from stress, diabetes and high blood pressure. Be warned.

This “blog” will be my tiny voice for politics, societal issues, rants & raves, travel, photography, knitting, LGBTQ, and whatever else has my interest. My voice may be tiny, but it will be important and valued. Just as every person on this earth has value and is graced by God/Belief/Faith. Also, this will be a jumping off point to the books I wil have published – one on homelessness, one of stroke, and one on life as an adopted kid to immigrants. I have experienced all three. I will do it, Claudia, thanks to your support and belief in me. XOXOX

I am educated and don’t lie. The one true gift given to me by my father. I learned everything I needed to know from him. How to live. How to be. How to treat others. I am a good person because of him – my adopted father. The woman he was married to – may she burn in hell, and he wouldn’t like I said that, but I don’t lie and she should.

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