Impeachment? Really! Meh.

Purely politics for this one.

You should know, if you haven’t guessed, I am not a Trump supporter. Never was and never will be. He’s made man, and I don’t mean successful. I’ve worked for a Union. Capiche?

I have no idea how this country became so apathetic, so wholly uninterested in morality, justice and doing right by your fellow man/woman. Following the Constitution. You know, that ancient piece of paper – HANDWRITTEN BY OLD GUYS – that we reference when we are emphasizing our free speech rights, or our Right to have a Weapon of War – I mean firearm. Don’t tread on me!

There are two Articles for Impeaching Trump:

1. Abuse of Power

2. Obstruction of Congress

Noting having to do with the “witch hunt” that Trump whines about continuously. Nothing having to do with Mueller, the FBI, or Russian Collusion. Just Trump and his mouth. And multiple experts who were questioned UNDER OATH and were seasoned professionals of the State Department. I won’t bore you with that. They were on TV for hours! But, you may have missed Rudy. He was on Fox last night and his gums were flapping. Again. At least it wasn’t Noun-Verb-9/11.

Why wasn’t he on the Hill fighting for the NYPD and NYFD survivors, instead of Jon Stewart? Hmm? Who really cares. Barely Congress and not the White House.

So Rudy went to Ukraine and tried to get dirt on a Biden so the 2020 elections will have a constant narrative, sorta like 2016. No help from Russia, but Ukraine has their own Russian problems, like Crimea and access to their lands. But I digress. Rudy was bitching about some State Department Chick or Ambassador or something and that she had to go because “we” couldn’t get Ukraine to launch that investigation etc. Um, wasn’t that what the House was investigating over that whistleblower? That person that Trump called a traitor and wanted exposed. (So his “people” could take care of that problem – ’cause that’s what a made man and does in “his business” – I’m not from New York, but I wasn’t born in the lap of luxury either.) He claimed Executive Privilege and NO White House People were Made Available. Not ever Trump.

There you have Article 1 and 2 in a quick synapsis. Rudy is his “personal” attorney, not a government employee in any capacity, or in other words he is not getting a Government Paycheck for jet setting on behalf of Trump. Or is he? He is representing the United States to a foreign country as what? Trump’s dog? Go fetch a scandal, Rudy? Good boy! Here’s a cookie, or a chicken leg. Between Trump and Rudy,  the House just wanted to verify what people in the room witnessed. Rudy just added ingredients to the mix while the House was busy baking their own cake.

In Rudy’s own words, “we’re guilty and we’re gonna win” because the people of the US don’t care what Trump does unless they’re Democrats and we don’t care about them. Our Republican Brothers will save the day! Just listen to Comrade McConnell or Herr Gaetz. De vil not vote for Impeachment on our Man! Heil Drumf!!

And I ask because I am a neophyte, and a Democrat more than likely, is ignoring the Constitution, your oath to protect it and our Nation, to remember we are still trying to maintain the small d democracy, and be a Superpower that other Nations look up to and want to emulate. That shining city on the hill and all that. Or is the Republican party just trying treason on to see if that coat fits and how much they can accomplish destroying all the classes of people they can’t stand, or even tolerate when running? Like making the good ol’ USA as white as Norway? I’m using a Trump quote for context. He loves the Norwegian People. As a Scandanavian, I can speak to the whiteness of Norwegians. It is a white Country, especially in Winter and with their food. If White means bland, and that only under certain conditions, like my adopted mother’s cooking skills.When it was edible. Other than winter, it is a rocky, green and coastal country with wonderful people from many lands originally who have come to this Land of high peaks and bottomless fjords to live, work and play with generous work/life ideals, school programs adapted to the student through college for legal residents, government medical that covers their residents for little to no costs from cradle to grave (including in-home care the Baby Boomers here taking care of their parents with Alzheimer’s), maternity leave for 1 year AFTER the child is born, and Government assistance to help the parents the first year, so forth and so on. At least that’s how it was when I lived there in 1985. And they would send my Aunt to Greece every winter because she had rheumatoid arthritis. They sent her to a warm Country for a month! What a concept. It’s changed from what I hear. They’re not teaching Bible Study in every school anymore. Something about religious freedom or inclusion or something.

What it comes down to – Trump asked the Ukrainians to investigate Hunter Biden and find something they could pin on him to embarrass his Dad and screw up his run for the Presidency, making Trump’s run a Red Carpet event in November 2020. Pocahontas won’t run….she’s a woman. Hillary tried and look what happened. Bootigig……he’s gay. We’re God-fearing folk and his base won’t vote for a fairy. Kamala…..she’s dropped out, thank God. She could have been an issue, but no more. Corey…..Obama 2.0 he’s not. He doesn’t even eat meat! What kind of freak is he? Bernie. Old. He already punched the clock, so how much longer does he really have? Two rich guys, and we’re pretty much done with that type. One owns publishing and one guy used to own oil stuff, but what have they done otherwise? I’m homeless. I would pay attention if they had done anything that was important to my life NOW. I emailed both campaigns. I get emails back thanking me for the support and can I donate money.  Great assumption on your auto-response’s part, but I am not “backing” either nor will I donate money. In fact, I don’t give a rat’s posterior if you are running. Both of you look like Trump now, just no known grifting or philanthropy shenanigans.

Republicans, stand by the oath of YOUR office and the post you accepted as part of running for the Senate of the United States of America – not the United Soviet Socialist Republic, even though Putin’s trying to bring that back. Why help him. Again.

Author: Vykinghart

A divergent catalyst trying to make the world a better place while screaming from a tiny soapbox.

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