What We Are Not

Taking a break from the self-pity campaign and turning my ire towards the Nation. More specifically – what we are not.

We are not a Chritian Nation: We have a preacher’s daughter as a Presidential Press Secretary (close enough) who publicly accepts and promotes a lying President who has not a scrap of compassion, empathy or civility in his skin sack. A President in his former “life” cheated on all three of his wives, divorced two, would date his own daughter if she wasn’t his (Ivanka not Tiffany), rips breast-feeding babies from their mothers and charges those mothers with a felony, bullies people who don’t like him, makes fun of disabled people, and constantly promotes his lies as being the only truth, when published reports and history contradict him.  How many sins does he commit on a daily basis? Not even going to touch on his misogyny or racism, because it is so obvious if you’re not a sycophant. Exactly how much of Jesus’ teachings is he against or blatantly ignoring? What does the GOP stand for now? Government Obstruction Period? Gonna Obliterate/Ostracize Poorness? Good Ol’ Pricks (sorry ladies)?

We are not the Land of the Free or home of the Brave: Ask any person who served in the military, if taking a knee is rude or dismissive during the singing of the National Anthem? But any who do at a FOOOTBALL GAME are disrespectful? They’re SOB’s and should be FIRED? How Draft  Delayer Bone-Spurs? I can’t serve, my tootsies hurt whaaaa. I’ve got bone spurs, lardass, and I would have served if my Nation needed me, Mr. TV Ratings Douchebag. I never watched you because you suck. Is that un-American now? You make shit up as you go along and we accept it as manna from Heaven? Pleath! You’re looking more like a fascist dictator Donnie. Where’s your military getup? Maybe you could have an all girl Secret Service, kinda like Muammar Gaddafi? But, as long as we all love you, like North Koreans love their Dear Leader, we’ll be fine. For the next 10 minutes until you’re distracted by the next shiny object.

We are not a Law and Order Country: How many minorities are shot down by police with their “hands up”?  How many are beaten when in police custody? How many are in jail with bails they can’t afford to pay? How many are imprisoned for years on minor drug charges?  Or false charges? How many go free because of their position, friends, contacts or wealth?  How many children have lost their lives? How many haven’t seen justice over untested Rape Kits? Didn’t supply enough evidence? Didn’t come forward in a timely fashion? Didn’t speak up because they were scared of a powerful man? Or simply because they weren’t the right color? We allow hate groups to rally due to the 1st Amendment and we allow people to die for it too, but do we seek justice for crimes and deeds done by White Supremacists? Neo-Nazi’s? White people who hate non-White’s? The President thinks he’s walking a narrow, thin line between the factions, but he isn’t. That “both sides have good people” bullshit says plenty about him, but does he speak for the nation? Why should he? He didn’t “win” the presidency on his own.

Lady Liberty needs an *:

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Yeah, it needs an asterisk.

*Except: Those from sh*t hole countries; crossed our borders illegally; Muslim, or considered Muslim; poor; will be poor; uneducated; don’t speak English; from a war-torn country; are people WE don’t like.

You may think I wrong, but I am often assumed to be foreign because of my first name. Nothing else but a first name if they see it. I’m bi-lingual but I don’t speak Spanish. Huh? How could I be bilingual then? It means speaking two languages, not English and Spanish exclusively. I speak English and Norwegian – English because I was born here and Norwegian because my adopted parents were born over there. But I speak English really good. Fancy that, I speak English proficiently and I went through the public school system.  And I read, wish some of those folks did.

I was pulled over one time in Los Angeles, the city I was born in. My truck matched a descriptor of someone that had robed a liquor store. Someone wearing a baseball cap and a sweatshirt. I was wearing that, except my blonde pony tail was through the hole in the back and I was wearing a jacket. Reds lights were flashing in my rear view mirror, so I pulled over. I was heading towards the freeway on-ramp after leaving a friend’s house, but I did something. Police officers with guns drawn came around my little Mitsubishi pickup and I just kept my hands on the wheel. An officer yelled I should get out with my hands up and get down on the ground. “What did I do, officer?” I yelled back. Some conversation between officers for a moment, and he repeated his statement again and added a “NOW”. I complied, exited the truck, but did not lay down in the muck, because it was raining.  I heard the other officer say, “It’s a girl, Steve. Doesn’t match the APB.” The yelling cop, in a perfect snit, wanted my driver’s license, so I reached back into the truck and got my wallet from my purse, slowly, since his gun was still pointed at me. This happened a few years ago, I wouldn’t risk it now. I removed my license and he finally lowered his gun and took it. After reading it over, he asked for my Green Card. “I don’t have one”. He looked at me with disgust, “Why? You illegal?” Never having been asked that question – ever – I said, “Why would you think that? I was born here, within 25 miles on this exact location, do I have to show proof?” His partner had come over, gun in it’s holster, and tried talking to “Steve”, but Steve didn’t want to hear it. “You should have your passport or birth certificate on you, if you’re legal. How are we supposed to know? Not with that name!” His partner apologized and grabbed his arm and coaxed him back to the squad car. Another officer made apologies and explained what had happened. I was free to leave.

And I did and went to the local police station, Rampart Division, and filed a complaint against that officer. I was young and thin and cute and didn’t look anything like the male Hispanic in his 30’s. Hell, I wasn’t even 30 then. But that’s the memory I have of LAPD. Thank God I wasn’t black. Just a white privileged 20-something.  I’m so sick of that phrase, but I see those who are everyday, along with the Blacks, Asians and Latins who think they are better than me. Why are they better? Because they are not me and my “color”. I hate racism. It’s evil and ugly and solves nothing.

And we are devolving as humans. How is the current discourse continuing our evolution? We bicker and have wars of words on Twitter, Facebook, our social media du jour. And our President stands as an example with his Twitter following. His words that devisive, factually incoherent, and so many lies. Trumplandia. We should get used to that. That will be our new name if he has anything to do with it. Trump in huge golden letters on the White House. Just another Trump Tower. Pity there is no model match in Russia. Don Jr. couldn’t get it together and he’s been trying for years? Or was that Donnie? Or some other flunkie, such as Manafort. 17 indictments Don, but Russian Collusion is fake news. I’m nostalgic for Nixon. He was so believable when he said,”I’m not a crook!”

Author: Vykinghart

A divergent catalyst trying to make the world a better place while screaming from a tiny soapbox.

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