Sundry thoughts on a Sunday

First, just to get it the point of the way, that dude Blakenship that’s running for office in West Virginia? Former CEO of Massey Energy and a coal baron found guilty of conspiracy to willfully violate safety standards resulting in the death of 29 coal miners.  Since the jury was deadlocked on the possibility of the full charge which carried a 31-year term, he was found guilty of the misdemeanor which carried a 1-year mandatory term.  Ah, the Big Boss didn’t get the book thrown at him. Pity. He thinks he can run for the US Senate?  Calling Senator McConnell’s in-laws “China Family”? He used Black Persons too. He is an American Person. Self proclaimed. His word usage leaves much to be desired. His general humanity leaves much to be desired. He is the epitome of someone who should be considered deplorable.

Political statement of the day done. My thoughts still go wild, but I can state a case concisely once more. Yay for me. Oh wait…Trump hasn’t Tweeted today. What’s wrong with him? Trump is never quiet for this long. Ok, I’m done. For now,

I have been going through a hard time: physically, mentally and financially. It has pretty much sucked, since I have been doing it relatively alone. Relatively due to the few folks who have stuck with me, but none are family, just long time friends.

I am actually alone. I am divorced, after 20 years of sharing my life with someone who could never get out of his own way to listen to anyone, especially me. My adopted parents have passed, one to soon and the other not soon enough. I took care of the later for years, but full time for the last 3 years during the worst of Alzheimer’s Dementia her family denied and offered no help. More of that latter. Let’s just say I have been alone for awhile. Except for extraordinary friends who kept me going mentally and emotionally.

I haven’t lived on my own, in my own place, since 1991. A very long time. I now have the chance, the opportunity, to live on my own again. To restore a sense of normalcy to a very un-normal life. But, there is a chance.

I am publicizing my campaign through This is one avenue I am trying to use, even though my home didn’t burn down. I am not a battered woman. Just a woman battered by life and simply beaten down.

Thank you for considering donating. I appreciate all assistance in restoring me to normalcy.



Days of Old

Tonight was the induction for the 2018 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Nina Simone, the Cars, Dire Straights, Moody Blues and Bon Jovi were inducted. I wasn’t that familiar with Nina Simone, though I had heard of her and her contribution, but the rest? Most definitely. Especially one.

The rest – soundtrack to my life. But one was the soundtrack to my soul. I know every song,every lyric, every riff. From the first time I heard them, bought their album, I was hooked. In 1983, my friends, high school Seniors and others, questioned my taste for “hair bands”. I enjoyed others – Rush, Queen, AC/DC, Journey, but they weren’t “right” for their tastes. I said “Wait and see – they will be famous someday.” And now they are part of the Hall of Fame.

And Jon Bongiovi was HOT! I was a teenager. What would you expect? My heart ran away with Runaway. With each subsequent album, my love and dedication just grew. I have a “playlist”on my iPod. It’s every Bon Jovi song recorded, by the band and Jon individually Even Richie.

I have seen them just twice on tour. I have seen Springsteen et al 4 times. I regret having to admit I have seen Weird Al more than 5 times and I don’t want to remember how many. My Ex was a big fan. Though I enjoyed going to see him, I saw him too much. Springsteen I would love to see him and the Band again, even without Clarence. But Bon Jovi? Yes please! I feel 20 again.

Watching the show tonight. and hearing those tunes, made me reminisce, take a walk down memory lane. Bon Jovi was the last inductee tonight and closed the show. Never crazy forr Howard Stern, but he was funny tonight. He’s crass, kinda like the Prez. As the band setup to play, Jon told the audience to get up and I did, just as I would at a concert. It brought back memories. I part was missing, reminded me of who I am now, the past year and a half. I have sung these songs joyfully and word for word. I could belt them out in harmony. Not anymore. I tried though. And shed more tears. I’ve done a lot of crying. My singing voice is something I still have to recover. But I still tried and it was awful.

The amount of smiles and joy I have received every time I heard a Bon Jovi song – countless, millions. Congratulations, guys. Job well done. We will continue to Keep the Faith.